Square Grid VS Hex Grid Board


The Historia-Battles game uses a square grid board, different from typical hex based grid adopted by many wargames, it has been evaluated more suitable for many reasons:

- Each cell has 8 directions to work with (including diagonal movement) and movement across map cells in all primary directions looks natural, it appears more suitable to single unit representation.

- Hexagonal grid is much better suited to melee combat if only for the natural inclination it provides towards footwork and opponents circling one another, it is better used to represent a group of single units inside the same cell.

- Hexagons is almost exactly like squares from a computer programming perspective, has only different rules for what defines a neighbor cell, both hexs and squares use a grid and have the same complexity of implementation.

- Chess game is square grid based, is considered an universal masterpiece mix of interest and simplicity at the same time, these charateristics have made it attractive for thousands of years. The same consideration is applicable to Stratego game that adds unit type masking element to war game strategy.